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Chartered Institute of Professional Forensic Investigators is rich with qualified members across the globe. The institute also has affiliates, accredited training centers across the globe.

The Chartered Institute of Professional Forensic Investigators, USA (CIPFI) is saddled with the responsibility of training and certification of Chartered Forensic Investigators globally. CIPFI is a symbol of one of the highest forensic investigators in the world.

CIPFI, USA is a professional membership organization that provides forensic investigation skills to all that are interested in forensic investigation profession, fraud prevention, detection and investigation. The Institute promotes and fosters a national and international forum and governing body for the affiliation of professionals dedicated to excellence in the field of forensic investigation, who offer to the public, governments and employers, their expertise in the area of fraud prevention, detection and investigation, as well as liaison with other professional bodies for the purpose of creating fraud awareness and sensitization on the punishment for financial misfeasance. The Institute pursues its objectives in service to its members and for the benefit of the public at large.


Why we Exist

CIPFI exist primarily to provide skills and certification for professional Forensic Investigators and practitioners, who want to be engaged in forensic investigation, Forensic Auditing, Criminal Investigation, law enforcement, forensic & investigative accounting, law, auditing and other related fields, and also provide a forum where these professionals can meet with each other, to discuss fraud related issues with the aim of fighting against fraud, corruption and Cyber Crimes globally.